Our website offers lovers of digital photography the opportunity to not only showcase their work but also the chance to interact with and learn from likeminded people. Anyone can submit their photos to our website in three easy steps. This is irrespective of whether you are listed on our website or not.

  • Choose your Upload category

On the topmost section of the landing page you should see a picture icon with an add sign. Upon clicking on the icon a popup will appear with three tabs. Clicking the first tab will give you the option to upload as a guest or site member. Select the guest upload option.

  • Select the your photo category

Clicking the second tab will produce a dropdown list containing the different themes in digital photography. The themes include nature, landscape, cityscape, wildlife and many others. Select the theme that most closest to the subject content of your photo.

  • Upload your photos using the site photo uploader

Once you are done with the first two tabs, click the last tab with the upload option. The HTML uploader with then access your device directory and allow you to navigate to the target photo. Click on the photo and it will be instantly uploaded to our site.

Contact us at digicam69co(at)digicam69.co.uk if you encounter any issues with your upload.